Friday, September 26, 2008

This person lives in a fantasyland

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Re: "Convenience store owners want teens forced to butt out" (Sept. 24). Store owners want kids to be forced to butt out. I agree with them completely. It's illegal for kids to buy alcohol, and as a result, public drinking of alcohol by kids is illegal. Why not do the same for smoking? Bylaw officers are very quick to ticket adults when caught smoking in a bar or other public building, yet these same officers drive by dozens of kids illegally puffing away on school yard sidewalks and do nothing about it. Something is very wrong here. By allowing teens to get away with this, we are encouraging them to disregard rules and break the law.



That person who thinks it's so easy to catch kids "illegally smoking" is dumb.

If that person thinks arresting a kid with a cig is easy, that a-hole oughta visit the Windy City and see how "easy" it is to see and catch kids puffing away on menthols. There are probably 1000s of kids smoking in this town!

And a lot of the teens who DO smoke here happen to carry weapons with em, and they likely ain't new to cop confrontations.

I dunno what Canadian underage smokers are like. But that anti can keep on dreaming if he thinks catching 1000s of kids with cigs is easy as he makes it sounds.

The truth is you asking for trouble if you gonna try to arrest a kid smoking. And I'm sure a Canadian kid with a cig can get outraged too.

One reason why I support underage smoking is cause I'm used to seeing it. It doesn't botha me at all. And that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as illegal thangs local kids do around me.

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