Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random thoughts

Me read a blog from I guess an anti who said he doesn't understand why the USA doesn't have pics of black lungs on cig packs (as they do in Canada). And he implied USA smokers ignore those small warnings on the packs.

I wonder why smokers in the USA ignore those warnings. Is it cause smoking is a pleasurable habit? Is it cause smoking ladies like the feeling of holding lit cigs? Maybe it's cause ladies think smoking cigs make good weight loss tools.

I pay sh!t attention to those warnings myself. I can think of thangs in this world that are REALLY dangerous to my health.

And what makes antis think the higha you make the price of a pack, then the more ex-smokers you'll have? The higha you make the pack price, the more you encouraging smokers to get contrabrand cigs in the black market.

Tobacco is gonna stay here 4-eva, A pack could cost as much as 20 bucks. But that ain't gonna stop criminals from selling cigs in the streets. I even heard on TV that contraband packs are sold in PRISONS too.

A law isn't gonna stop teens from smoking. That's evident in Canada when I read about those folks picking up butts around a Canadian high schools, and when they learned kids buy contraband packs up there.

So what makes antis think raising the tobacco taxes will make ADULTS stop smoking? I even read about this African country called Niger where they actually lock up people in prison for smoking. I read about it on the FORCES forum.

I oughta see the US smoke cops try that one. If they see one of "us" smoking in public, they just gonna lock the bro/sis up for simply smoking a legal product?

I bet that idea over there in Niger will backfire with those African smokers using weapons to defend themselves from smoke cops. Arresting someone for robbing a crib is understandable. But arresting someone for simply smoking tobacco is F-ked up. And I wouldn't blame a bro/sis for firing away at a cop like that.

Smokers ain't violent at all. It's the govts, smoking laws, and dumb@$$ ideas (like locking me up for smoking) that make smokers violent.

Whateva happened to the days when I could've smoked in public places with peace??

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