Saturday, September 6, 2008

New poll Q on my blog

Me updated the poll Q on my blog. It basically deals with the topic of banning menthols. I saw a prosmoking site the otha day, and the smoker asked a good Q about the claim of "us" representing the majoriity of menthol smokers. "Where's the proof that Afro-Americans actually represent the majority of menthol smokers?"

While I agree menthols are the most popular cig for "us" in general, I do see his point of menthols could be very popular among W smokers in several US regions/states. Like just cause Newports is the #1 brand for those of "us" who smoke in the Windy City doesn't necessarily mean menthols are the most poipular among smokers in every single Black comunity.

I can actually go along with that point of antis shouldn't assume that all menthol smokers are Blacks. The Black Caucus anti group wants to "Save our community" and sh!t by banning menthols. Afta all, me has seen W's smoking menthols in my town before.

How does banning menthols save my life anyway? A miracle in making HIVs vanish is one way that anti group can "save lives in our community."

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