Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Live somewhere with a no smoking in cars with kids law? Get a SUV!

My gf loves SUVs cause they big and they got those tainted windows. She doesn't like the idea of ANYONE disturbing her privacy from the outside, especially cops.

But I figured if we can get away with lil thangs in her SUV since the cops can't tell if we even have seat belts on, a smoker in say Maine can use an SUV to drive with kids inside of it.

A smoke cop can only pull a vehicle over if he/she sees a kid inside of the vehicle with a smoker. But a cop can only see the kid in an actual car. The cop can see nada from an SUV window.

An SUV is a nice vehicle too for making love with your opposite-sex mate outside without the public seeing sh!+ as well.

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