Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids harassing smokers in the UK

I didn't see this story being shared in IL smokers, but this article is totally Fked up.


It's so Fked up, me can't even share a copy of this article that is a perfect example of UK smokers getting Black-like treatment.

Cops hiring KIDS to harass smokers in the streets? I hope those kids don't get "smoked" by someone who's enjoying a cig.

I wonder if CA cops got kids harassing smokers. A kid betta NOT think of giving my mouth a carb monoxide test (as I read in this fascist article). Or I will get arrogant myself!

Just thinking about it...if you smoking outside, a cop or kid comes up to you and forces you to quit smoking by taking a carb monoxide test and harass you like you a piece of sh!t.

I'm sorry for anyone who's tired of hearing my past argument. But if any anti out there thinks smokers ain't comparable with "us," this article proves my words correct. What I read in here is a LOT similar to a darn cop approaching me for no Fkin reason otha than for my skin color. The funny thang is cops only do it (in regards to my life) in W neighborhoods. You won't see cops in OUR neighborhoods unless I hear gunshots.

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