Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I feel sorry for a "non-cool" guy like this


It is true kids in HS and college age students use smoking as a way to look cool and to attract possible chicks as friends. Well, a smoking ban allows a dude like that one I read about in this linked article to smoke in areas outside where he's more likely to meet a chick who smokes....although having the beer at the same time won't be possible outdoors.

I do feel sorry for a person like that who normally uses smoking as a way to make himself look cool....but he can't actually smoke inside anymore. Me sorry to say your best bet of trying to attract chicks at all with smoking as your tool is doing it in areas outside where smokers gatha at.

I do agree that smoking makes a nice tool for meeting new people. The only bros/sistas who even botha try talking to me period are those who need a cig or a light. And if I was a nonsmoking bro, nobody would approach me period.

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