Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hospitals kill people, not smoking

I rememba earlier this year when my mother was in the hospital, she got the wrong type of medication, and all I can say is she is lucky to be alive. Those MFkas could've killed her for their so-called mishap on medication.

And antis think smoking cigs can kill 1000s of folks? Yeah right! There are so many people dying in hospitals per year that have nothang to do with smoking, it ain't funny.

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Jason T said...

I'm sure that mishap my mom had has nothing to do with a racial issue, although it's true that in some areas of the country, patients within my race get poor treatment at hospitals.

But it seems like with more and more people spending time in hospitals this year, docs are going outta their way to let more patients die in bed and pass it off as errors and mishaps on the docs' part.

Mishaps and errors my Black @$$. You guys would ratha let someone die (regardless of race) ratha than give them treatment to help save their lives.

Or maybe blame the patient's smoking habit for his/her death in the hospital bed? I know I won't believe that excuse. I've been smoking for 10 years, and I'm still alive. Nor has my smoking ever put ME in the hospital.

I've determined that doctor treatment and unnecessary surgeries are dangerous to a smoker's health. Not cigs.