Monday, September 8, 2008

Different levels of discrimination

Why are minorities (some of em) treated differently? Well there are laws protecting the gays I read about in this editorial and there are laws protecting me as an African living in the land of the nannies. It's illegal to kill someone for simply being gay, or for simply being colored (the first term Ws used to call me in the old days).

But there are no laws protecting minorities like smokers. Antis can get away with beating up and killing smokers cause it's actually legal to do so. Antis even encourage nonsmokers to make smokers feel like they don't deserve to live.

The only way smokers are gonna get the same respects Gays, Women, Jews, and what "we" get is if we ever see laws that protect smokers' rights to live as Americans.

And I guess if tobacco ever becomes illegal, then the fascists will find a NEW group to show prejudice against. Like maybe regular fast food eaters? Oh wait.....there' s already discrimination against obese. But it ain't at the same level as racial discrimination or discrimination against smokers.

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