Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comment on that article

And I wonder what those cops in Ottawa and Quebec are gonna do if they catch a teen smoking while walking home from school. Tell the kid "You under arrest for smoking contraband cigs?" Please!

I said it in the past and I'll say it again. The money is in the cig packs. Not banks. That's why you always see more and more folks selling packs in the streets at much cheapa prices. Those bad folks probably eitha steal cartons or get em from otha countries including the US. If you got 20 cartons of contrabrand cigs, and you sell em at 1 buck a pack, that's $200 made. Although I'd sell em at 5 bucks a pack....the same price a pack goes in the streets in the Windy CIty.

Mexico is the country that deals with illegal weed shipments into the US. The US is now being used in a similar fashion for shipping cigs into Canada.

If everyone stopped smoking, there would be no need for a black cig market.

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