Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's wrong with smokers-only businesses?

Yeah, I always wondered myself how come we can’t have "smokers-only" businesses in the same sense "Blacks-only" places used to be common before I was ever born.

I bet if smokers were given the same treatment Blacks/Women/Gays/Jews get (in the sense of it being illegal to deny me a job just cause I’m a Black person), then maybe smokers-only places would be acceptable. But last time I checked, it’s "legal" to deny smokers jobs, and it’s even legal to bully smokers.

Why would the US grant a group of smokers their own places when nonsmokers feel they have the right to treat smokers as their slaves? Well smokers are MONEY slaves in the US when you factor in the high-ass tobacco taxes that keep going up every month it seems like.

Of course, if more smokers switched to Native-made cigs like Blackhawk cigs, they wouldn’t be "money slaves" to the states anymore. The states would get no tobacco tax money from purchases of Native-made cigs!

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