Friday, August 29, 2008

This Heather is hilarious for an antismoker

If the comments I posted on this antismoking lady appears on that page, I will share em in my blog. But here's what i had to say within the groups.


Me submitted comment. Dunno if it will get approved. But that B called Heather implied that the govt works only for the majority. I beg your F'in pardon, chick? You telling me the govt could care less about me since I'm in a minority race, AND I'm a smoker?

She oughta try telling those words to me in my face that the govt only cares about the majority. Last time I checked, I have the American right to vote as a Black person. Meaning those govt oficials you talked about? My behind played a role in putting em into their offices! (At least the US and IL state govt officials) My vote shouldn't count since I'm a minority, right honey?

And smokers should have the right to vote against every smoking ban proposal.


That comment was approved and here it is.

"The majority of the people in our great state are nonsmokers. And since nonsmokers are the majority of the population, it is up to the elected officials to stand up to do whats right for the majority of the state they work for."

I'm an African-American smoker, and this baby is implying the state works for nonsmokers only....they don't care about smokers.

The majority of the US are W people. But the last time I checked, govt officials work for people of ALL races. And yes, we Blacks AND we smokers DO make a difference in America by voting.

My point is this baby is making a HUGE mistake by implying that the govt only listens to the majority. If that's the real case, then I shouldn't vote in November since I come from a minority race.

And smokers SHOULD be allowed to vote on smoking ban proposals for that matter.

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