Monday, August 25, 2008

Thangs still going well with my smoking lady

Yes, I'm still talking with my gf for almost 2 straight months. My mother talked to her once, and she's amazed we still friends at this point. What I'm amazed about is the gf still smoking only 3 -5 cigs per day. Especially with the nurse aide job she has (and not to mention being a single mom). She's a brave young lady for handling a job like that.

I do know if we move up to the next level in the fall, she might smoke more just from seeing and talking to me in person more often. She actually confessed to smoking close to a half of a pack of Newports a week ago. That's a lot for her, but it ain't a biggie to me.

She's gonna be tested as a smoker on the job when the weather starts to get colder and when smoking outside becomes a pain in the @$$. She can't smoke near hospital doors anyway. I'm amazed on how lil a lady can smoke per day especially afta smoking for 8 years in my gf's case.

Well, her small amount of cigs per day does prove that smoking ain't an addictive habit. She's lucky to get a job at a hospital, since hospitals are slowly starting to join the ranks of businesses not hiring smokers. Unless she lied about being a smoker on her interview. LOL!!!!

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