Thursday, August 7, 2008

Smokers Get Mad


That B-ch deserved to be shoved for harassing smokers on a platform. Who gives a F if it's banned outside? I know I wouldn't care, and those smokers in their 20s did the right thang.

A woman who's gonna harass people smoking outside IS lucky she didn't die afta missing landing on the track. The smokers in my town would've given her more abuse than a shove on the tracks.

Woman pushed on to railway line after asking men to stop smoking

By Mark Hughes
Thursday, 7 August 2008

Two men pushed a woman off a railway station platform yesterday, two
days after she had asked them to stop smoking at the same station.

Linda Buchanan, 58, is lucky to be alive according to police, who
said she narrowly avoided the live rail which would have electrocuted

She suffered a broken wrist and bruises to her legs and had to be
taken to hospital after being shoved on to the tracks at Farningham
Road station, in Dartford, Kent, as she waited for a train to London
early yesterday morning. She had to be helped off the railway by
other commuters. The two men, believed to be in their twenties, were
chased by an off-duty police officer but managed to escape.

Speaking afterwards, Mrs Buchanan said: "I am lucky to be alive. It
could have been a lot worse than it has been."

British Transport Police officers were studying CCTV footage last
night. They said the woman approached the two men on Monday morning
and asked them to stop smoking, which is banned on platforms.
Yesterday, as she walked past the same men, one of them pushed her
off the platform. The attack came two minutes before the 7.12am train
to London Victoria was due to arrive.

The incident was witnessed by other commuters including Audrey
Hescombe, who said: "The platform was packed, as it always is at that
time. I saw them smoking but didn't say anything. The woman was
braver than me and simply asked them to put out their cigarettes.
They started hurling abuse at her and pushed her on to the track."

Andy Hedenshaw, 34, a commuter, said at the station yesterday: "The
poor woman just did what millions of people wish they had the nerve
to do. To be attacked and pushed off the platform is horrifying. She
could have been hit by the train and the police would be looking for
two murderers."

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