Monday, August 18, 2008

OT, but this might happen to smokers

Me read off of the net about this former NBA playa named Joe Barry Carroll who filed a suit against this restaurant/tavern in Atlanta. He and his Black friend wre both eating at the bar area, and the bartender told both of em to please relinquish their seats for two W women.

Both guys refused to get up, and security eventually kicked em out of the joint.

I would NEVA give up my seat for 2 W women, period! That incident is like a modern version of the Rosa Parks incident. The manager claimed it's normal for male customers at his business to give up their seats for women. That's pure BS! If it IS a tradition, how come the bartender neva asked those W-boys sitting down at the bar to get up for the W women's sake?

That was definitely rude to kick two brothas out of a tavern while they were in the middle of eating. The owner denied that was all about race, but I'm sure it was! "We don't discriminate" my Black @$$! Kicking two Blacks out ain't discrimination, especially afta the brothas refused to give up their seats (while in the middle of eating) for 2 W women?? I would've cussed that owner out and my gf would be peed off too if that happened to us!

I wonder if a similar incident happened to SMOKERS. Like say two smokers are eating outside at a table on a restaurant patio. And a restaurant worker comes out and tries asking the smokers to give up their table for two nonsmokers (regardless of the genders and races of the people involved)?

Would I give up my outdoor seat/table for a nonsmoker? He!! no, are you crazy? I'd ask the restaurant owner why in the world are those nonsmokers interested in sitting outside when they can eat INSIDE instead?

I doubt any smoker in this group would give up his/her seat for a nonsmoker.

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