Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My new pic, and my reviews on Native-made cig brands

If you've been reading my blog for a very long time but neva came across a pic of myself, here's a more recent smoking pic of myself.

To view my pic, CLICK THIS.

And for the record, I'm also a new active poster at the Black Hawk Tobacco Shop Forum.

There you will find my reviews on some Native American-made brands me have tried so far. These are natural cig brands....they're additive free, chemical free and FSC-free in otha words. Native-made cigs have nothang but 100% tobacco in each cig. Native American cigs are almost like a premade version of cigs you can make/roll yourself.

Of course, a carton of Native-made brands are a heck of a lot cheapa than a (as Melissa from Black Hawk calls them) "chemical cig brand carton."

I will say on here Black Hawk FF Menthols make a good Newport alternative. And Black Hawk Menthol Ultra Lights don't really taste like "airy cigs" unlike most of the more common light/ultra light brands. I can actually taste mint and smoke while dragging and inhaling drags from a Black Hawk Menthol Ultra Light.

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