Saturday, August 16, 2008

If every premade cig brand was tax-free....

a carton of Newports would be only 15 bucks. I'm sure almost EVERY smoker in my community would love that price.

And if every commercial brand was additive-free, then more people (and even more teens) would start smoking. Of course, the reason why 60% of USA adults smoked 4-6 decades ago is cause antismoking poisonanda neva existed.

Would antis like the idea of someone trying to sell tax-free cigs, let alone make natural cigs? Of course not. They wanna get their money via tobacco taxes.

I dunno if I'd call buying Native cigs "tax evasion." But if natural cigs were a lot more common, it would be very tough for antis to convince smokers to quit smoking a brand of cigs that are a lot betta for the individual smoker.

While the price is good, the quality of natural menthols is what I like the most about smoking Native cigs.

A Newport tasted gross afta me spent time smoking cigs I made myself. While they don't taste gross, Newports don't taste too minty afta I spent a few days smoking natural menthols.

Luckily for antis, Native brands ain't reallly advertised, which means a smoker in my community will find it tough to find a REAL menthol especially without net access. I neva heard of Native-made cigs til I came across info on Seneca cigs off of the net earlia this year.

A lot of bro/sis smokers might be surprised to find out the actual numba of cig brands out there.

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