Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hospital Smoking Ban Amended (Denver)

Here's an article that's good to read for the smokers' side of the battle.


I agree smokers littering the sidewalks with cig butts is one reason why a hospital smoking ban wouldn't work....let alone smokers dropping butts in flower pots being gross.

Sounds like city councils areslowly starting to see the truth on banning smoking anywhere. Aside from smokers getting the 2nd class treatment, if you force smokers outside, then they gonna end up littering sidewalks with their butts outside since there ain't ashtrays outside.

That B in the article who pushed for the hospital ban claims sick people need to be safe when entering the hospital. Honey, those people who smoke outside of hospital doorways are good people. Not homeless people who are street smokers. So what should an ailing person be worried about when walking past and smelling smoke?


Hospital-smoking plan amended
By Christopher N. Osher
The Denver Post
Article Last Updated: 08/12/2008 01:09:42 AM MDT

The Denver City Council decided Monday that a proposed smoking ban in
areas surrounding hospitals was contentious enough that the proposal
should be approved only on a trial basis.

At the urging of Councilman Charlie Brown, the council agreed to
amend the proposal so that the law would be automatically repealed in
two years and reconsidered then.

Brown said he feared the proposed smoking ban in the public rights of
way surrounding hospitals would push smokers to clog residential

"People are worried smokers will be putting out their cigarettes in
their flower pots," Brown said.

Councilwoman Carol Boigon had pushed the proposal and expressed
frustration at the amendment.

"Sick people need to be able to come into hospitals safely," she

Boigon argued that science has established smoking is harmful. She
said hospitals had requested the ordinance, which would establish a
$300 fine for those smoking in the right of ways, such as sidewalks
and medians, surrounding hospitals.

The council approved Brown's amendment on an 8-7 vote. The council
then agreed to vote on the final amended version next week.

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