Saturday, August 23, 2008

100 feet away from every campus building?

This is mind-boggling that any university would ban smoking 100 feet away from every campus building.

Friday, August 22, 2008

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No space for smokers?
More designated areas needed before ban enforcement
By: UNC Editorial BoardIssue date: 8/21/08 Section:
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sity intends to start cracking down on smoking violations.

Smoking is prohibited within 100 feet of public buildings -
essentially banning smoking on campus.

Starting Sept. 2, the Department of Public Safety will give out $25
fines, plus $121 in court fees, for smoking in a smoke-free zone.

Before DPS officers begin depleting the bank accounts of violating
smokers, it's imperative to provide smokers with alternative
locations to light up on campus.

Since the campus smoking ban's inception on Jan. 1, smokers have
gathered around the flagpole in Polk Place, one of the few spots more
than 100 feet from any building.

But many smokers have ignored the ban, puffing away on benches
outside the Undergraduate Library and other smoke-free locations,
perhaps due to a lack of policy enforcement by the University.

Providing support to smokers who want to quit is an insufficient
effort on the University's part, and only five students have signed
up for smoking cessation programs at Counseling and Wellness Services.

If the University is going to police violations of its smoking
policy, the policy must accommodate smokers in some way.

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