Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tobacco is killing the Earth with cig butt littering? Hardly!

I guess I've been a litterbug for several years since becoming a smoker. But at least I don't throw 10k bottles and 10k cans on the streets per year as drunks do in the streets.

Littering WOULD NOT be a issue at all if indoor smoking was neva banned. And oh yes, I can't forget about seeing more crushed and empty packs on the streets.

I dunno what's the biggie about "littering" to antis. I'm forced to smoke outside thanks to em. And I have no choice but to throw my butts on the ground. I throw empty packs on the ground too if I ain't around a nearby trash can.

Maybe if antis wanna stop seeing "smokers litter," they oughta get rid of the smoking bans. Or install some darn ashtrays on the corner of every single street/intersection. But til we start seeing more ashtrays outside, sometimes I have no choice buy to drop butts and empty packs outside. And I disagree littering with butts/packs is rude on the smoker's part.

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