Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tobacco forum on Topix sure is interesting

That tobacco forum on Topix sure is interesting.

http://www.topix. com/business/ tobacco

Especially reading all of those complaints from several dudes and chicks who smoke the FSC Marlboro Reds.

Me tried to help the smokers on there by pointing em to alternatives to smoking FSCs. I know most smokers don't like the idea of making their own regs. But hey, afta reading the complaints on there about Reds, making your own reg cigs is darn worth it!

It's a good thang FSCs didn't exist when I was a teen. I neva would've thought of smoking a reg in my life afta reading the sheety comments on the FSC Reds.

Some of em view these FSCs as Big Bacco's way of forcing smokers to quit. I view it as a way of forcing smokers to look into smoking REAL cigs with REAL bacco in em.

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