Monday, July 14, 2008

Tobacco and Terrorism


OOOOO...terrorists and criminals are smuggling in cigs into the USA in the same way weed is smuggled in. That's impressive (from the standpoint of a smoker used to hood life). And the funny thang is tobacco ain't illegal. It's just too darn expensive for millions of smokers. And terrorists can make big bucks by smuggling in cheapa cigs.

I guess this smuggling has gone unnoticed cause of the fact tobacco is legal. But I guess you need smoking bans and hi-A cig prices in order to let people aware that millions of cigs are ilicit in the US.

From a smoker's standpoint, I could careless if I get my hands on illicit menthols. As long as I can get cigs to smoke without having Big Daddy force me to quit, I hope this cig smuggling can teach the govts a lesson about hi tobacco taxes.

I said before the moolah is in the cigs (and not the bank) during modern times. And how a loose pack of cigs found in the urban streets is like finding loose cash in the streets. Even if someone finds a pack and doesn't smoke, that brotha can still get money by selling the loose cigs to those who can't afford to even buy a pack.

Selling loose cigs is similar to what terrorists do with cig smuggling... they sell lots of "loose cigs."

This neat find only proves my opinion as an actual fact.

I do wonder if there are more illegal sales in cigs compared to weed sales....

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