Saturday, July 26, 2008

A thought

Me just heard from my gf's sista that she (the gf) is in the hospital today. This is the first time in my life where I have deep concerns for a special person who's outside of my family. I know the gf has tummy probs. Based on how much time we've been in touch with each otha every day in only a few weeks, I recall her mentioning how her tummy hurts on a few days. And how eating food makes her tummy feel bad. I bet the reason she's in the hospital has somethang to do with her tummy. Me just hope it ain't more serious than she thinks.

Whateva she has probs with, I'm confident her smoking has nothang to do with it. I can't see how smoking menthols for (in her case) 8 years can cause tummy issues. And she definitely ain't preg. Cause this issue for her has been going on from time to time over the past few weeks.

As I told her sista, I wished my gf to get well soon and betta while in the hospital. Unlike my mother, me bets the gf will pretend to listen to the doc (on those darn smoking lectures he gets paid to talk about) if he learns she smokes. He might even try to tie her smoking into her tummy probs. If a woman is having problems while trying to eat anythang, I seriously doubt her smoking caused those probs to begin with.

PS: My mother is still smoking, despite her being so determined to quit afta being in the hospital herself earlier this year.

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