Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some thoughts

I notice more and more supermarkets in the Chicago area ain't selling cigs anymore. They ain't even selling cigars or smokeless tobacco in Ultra Foods stores anymore.

Me might be missing somethang. But I wonder if Ultra Foods banned selling tobacco items in their store. Tey used to even send packs of Bics. And me didn't see those lightas anymore in there.

So now you can't smoke in places, outdoor bans are becoming more common, and at least one supermarket chain is joining the ranks of actually banning tobacco sales.

It's amazing that there used to be a time where every regista in a supermarket used to have packs of several cig brands next to them, and now I walked into a first-ever supermarket in my life that doesn't sell ANY bacco.

Sheet, there was a time before I was even born where I could've even smoked while shopping in a supermarket. Bringing back those days of smoking in public is a dream. But I do know ppl need to see cancer survivors on TV as a way of proving smoking isn't as dangerous as society thinks. I can't smoke in a supermarket or anywhere else now cause everyone believes inhaling menthol smoke is the equivalent of me firing a gunshot at em. But someone needs to ask society how come SHS was safe decasdes ago but now it's as deadly as a gun in the 21st century? Somethang doesn't add up.

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