Sunday, July 6, 2008

OT: My search for a real smoking lady

Oh, I'm still alive. Yesterday was probably my first day in ages of not making even one post in IL smokers or within my group.

That's likely cause it didn't take long for me to find anotha new sista for being a gf prospect. Smoking with her and talking in a van was a new experience for me. Especially when she showed me the tray I could use in there. Most modern vehicles have no trays or lightas. But I guess this one is an exception, since it didn't feel like I was in an old van.

I can tell this sis is gonna be a lot different than that liar I brought up last month. Cause 1) Even though she told me to call her when I get back to the crib from our meeting yesterday, she called me herself en route to me going home. Showing concern for my safety is loving. and I thanked her for the nice call.

2) I got my first taste in a long time in having a female friend period getting mad at me in regards to communication. She was a lil peed off that my phone was off en route to our meeting. I just told her "My bad," and it wasn't a biggie. But I learned the fact she wants to keep in touch with me for most of the day and EVERY day even while I'm out is anotha sign of a nice and really loving lady.

Last month was an experience for me. But it's cool I essentially found a female version of myself now. A nice and real sista who is more of a smoker than a drinker, and she believes me smoking around her son is perfectly normal....the closest smokers rights topic I brought up to her indirectly. Since the topic of parents smoking around their kids being child abuse to antis has been brought up before online.

Her quote (from my memory): "Smoking around my son or ANY kids ain't child abuse. Sh!t, it ain't even remotely close to a parent who molests and abuses kids for real. I agree with society being F'ked up on that smoking topic."

We did talk for a few days before meeting in person. But it was the fastest 1st meeting I ever had afta initially meeting any chick online. Took us only 3 days to meet in person afta chatting online/by phone at first. And both of us were very happy with the first offline meeting.

That's all I'm saying about this new lady in my life. This is not just OT for the group, but just like her, I don't really need to be telling my business (or OUR business I mean) to othas. But I do know a few were probably wishing me the best of luck afta that last experience failed for me. But I can tell these words to those smokers online who are thinking of me. I'm convinced this smoking sista for a new gf is gonna be a lot different in a positive way for me. Especially since she doesn't view relationships as games too.

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