Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Options for buying tobacco online

As some may have noticed, the links on my bog have expanded. I added a link to Ban the Ban Wisconsin (BBWI), a site owned by Ryan from WI, the FORCES Int'l. site (one of the original smokers rights sites), and I added two smoke shop links. One link to the best shop online whe it comes to buying cartons of cigs online. And a link to a smoke shop for those who want to buy loose tobacco and cig tubes online.

I guess I should add a RYO Magazine link for those who want to look more into RYOs/MYOs. Since I hear several smokers hate the FSCs. One smoker online said he has quit smoking Marlboro Reds for good cause he can't stand the taste of the FSC Reds.

Although most people know me as a menthol lover, I ain't afraid to admit making your own regular (FF) cigs taste much betta than a Red. Premade regs tasted gross to me, except for Winstons. But those MYO regs that I tried once actually tasted similar to a WInston, and they tasted very good for a reg.

If you smoke lights, don't worry. You can get light cig tubes as well as light-flavored tobacco. The tubes come in king size and 100mm size.

Menthol MYOs taste like I am smoking a breath mint in the form of a cig. Those menthols I made tasted even fresher than premade menthols, including BH Menthols and Salems.

Instead of having the tobacco companies force you to quit with the FSCs, AND if you REALLY love smoking, don't stop! Instead, switch to making your own cigs instead!



Orders are not reported at stuffyourown.com as well as orders being report-free at agoodcigarette.com (that latter link is on my actual list off of the right) I know cause I've been a customer at both for a long time..

If you looking for the best shop online to buy premade cigs, agoodcigarette.com is your best bet.

At least at agoodcigarette, you can buy cartons of Native-made brands (as well as the premiums). And the Native brands are like a premade version of MYOs....they have 100 percent tobacco in em with no additives. And the Native brands ain't FSCs (Fire-safe cigarettes).

Blackhawk Tobacco Shop is still on my link list....you can buy solely Native-made cig brands at that online shop.

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