Monday, July 7, 2008

No smoking even outdoors at Indy airport...just in cars!

This is an eye-catching post I came across in the SFD-USA group. You can only smoke in cars at the Indy airport! How Fked up is that? Just more proof that smokers' freedom of smoking outdoors is taken away at anytime!

I came through the airport June 13 (arrive) and June 20 (departed).
My experience at the airport was normal, other than the fact that I
got treated rudely by security because I was not smoking in the
correct area OUTSIDE. Being a smoker I am used to rude treatment.
This is not what this letter is about.

I just found out through the WTHR-TV news web site (it was forwarded
to me) that smoking areas even outdoors are no longer available.

Who the hell are you and what have you done to freedom? You are an
outrage to the flying public and should be relieved of your job.
Smoking is now only allowed in cars? What about the people who are
smokers who have a layover in your airport? Do they break in to some
ones car to obey the law? What started as manufactured health scare
has given birth to a monster with your name on it that knows no bounds.

The flying public would do well to avoid your city like the plague
(the indy plague, sounds catching) and whoever came up with this idea
needs to be sent, on the next available flight to the front gates of hell.

The American traveling public deserves better than the likes of the
your airport management.

ON behalf of all smokers who fly on a regular basis, CRAM IT!!!

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Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me a while back in Indy. I just walked out to the parking lot and smoked there. No one gave me any trouble in the parking deck.