Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Poll Q added/results from last poll Q

The new poll Q I put up on here is simple. I could've asked "Is smoking in public an American freedom?" since that would've given me a betta idea on how many antis read this blog. But I thought I'd put up a Q that might get a landslide of YES votes instead. Since a lot more people think business owners should make their own decisions in regards to banning smoking or not.

The last poll Q's results were simple. Of the 6 voters, 3 think we won't see any changes or a revokement of the IL smoking ban til December 2008. 1 voted for November, and 2 voted for October.

EDIT: If you get a message when attempting to place a vote, I wish I could explain what the problem is. The poll is open to all visitors. Excluding my 2 votes, otha people were able to place their votes without any problem. Maybe trying again lata might work in having your vote appear (if it's not showing up)

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