Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My comment for the Hawaiian fascists

A copy of my comment to the forementioned Hawaiian article on the World Smokers Defiance Day:


If you honestly believe that inhaling secondhand smoke kills 440,000 per year, let alone consider an antismoking org called ASH (where your URL came from) a legit source, then you ain't using your critical thinking. More people in Iraq have died over the past year than people in America dying form inhaling SHS. I know, because it would be common to hear of SHS deaths on the news every day if there was any truth to 440,000. And it would've been common for ME to see people dying from inhaling SHS in places in the early years of my life.

The people weren't silent. They were silent til they started falling for the lies from antismoking orgs like ASH.

If I told you SHS kills 1,000,000 per year, would you believe it? If not, why would you believe 440,000?

Does ASH have PROOF that 400k+ die from smoking per year? I highly doubt it! That is a made-up number of deaths.

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