Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet a cigar smoker at 100 years old

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Meet Jack, who puffs his way through 10 cigars every day, enjoys a
shot of whisky and is celebrating his 100th birthday

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:13 PM on 16th July 2008

Jack Priestly is still puffing on cigars and downing whisky at the
age of 100 - after smoking every day since he was nine.

The retired baker has puffed 153,000 cigars and 715,400 cigarettes in
the last 91 years and drunk a shot of whisky in his morning cup of
tea every day since the age of 24.

Incredibly he has suffered no serious health problems related to
smoking or drinking, despite it increasing the risk of developing
cancer, heart and lung disease.

Jack Priestly from Lincoln is celebrating his 100th birthday

The centenarian started smoking 40 cigarettes a day at the age of
nine, but switched to cigars in 1966 after being told they were a
healthier option - and smoked 10 a day ever since.

Since his first puff in 1917 he has smoked 715,400 cigarettes -
35,770 packets of 20 - which would cost £207,000 at current prices.

After moving to cigars aged 58 he has smoked 153,300 ranging from
four to eight inches long. Laid end to end they would stretch nearly
15 miles.

His cigar habit would have cost nearly £450,000 at current prices but
the majority were gifts.

Jack is photographed with his late wife Louise on their wedding day
in 1940.
Jack has quenched his thirst with around 925 bottles of whisky - 693
litres, enough to fill nearly three wheelie bins.

Jack celebrated his 100th birthday on Saturday (July 12) surrounded
by more than 60 family members and friends.

He said: 'I love my cigars. I wouldn't be without them. I don't care
about the brand - a cigar is a cigar.'

Jack said: 'My doctor wasn't a fan of pipes. He advised me to smoke
cigars instead. And who am I to ignore doctor's orders?'

He added: 'I've been operated on from toe to head but I've still got
a good set of lungs. There's nothing wrong with them.'

Jack's wife, Louise, died in 1993 at the age of 83 after a 27-year
battle with cancer. Jack cared for her throughout her illness.

His mother-in-law got Jack hooked on whisky. Without fail, he drinks
it as soon as he gets up - before his shower and breakfast.

Jack, from Pinchbeck, Lincs., was a baker from the age of 14.
During the Second World War he was not allow to fight - he was
ordered to stay at home and do public baking.

He has kept himself active since his retirement more than 30 years
ago and still shops twice a week, gardens and keeps chickens. He
stopped driving two months ago after he was refused insurance. He
uses a motorised scooter to get about.

Jack said: 'I don't feel my age. I've still the mind of a young man.
But if I had the company of a good woman, I'm sure I'd feel 40 years
younger in a flash.'

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