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Is it moral to teach students about beating up smokers?

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So now the schools are teaching kids they have the right to beat up ANY smoker eh?

I sincerely hope a kid doesn't try beating up his own mom or dad just cause the mom and dad happen to smoke. That's sick thinking!

Teaching a Black kid to defend him/herself from racists is understandable. But I know the schools are essentially teaching all kids to become bullies toward smokers.

I wish a kid in the streets DID try to beat me up just cause I smoke. I wouldn't be afraid to teach him/her a lesson about respecting the elderly. I am technically an elderly person to a 8 year-old antismoking kid since I'm a lot older.

I don't intend on teaching a kid to beat someone up if the adult smokes. Kids need to learn about respecting othas for their decisions in life. Now, if that adult says slurs to my future kids and/or makes physical contact with him/her, that type of beating up is different.

Whoeva wrote that offensive test Q oughta get fined if not jailed for teaching kids to be evil towards any adult who smokes.


By Scott Leamon
WSLS10 Reporter
Published: July 18, 2008
A Roanoke County schools on-line health exam question on smoking
was "inappropriate, " according to the district's coordinator of
health and physical education.
Barry Trent said the true-false question on the rights of a "non-
smoker" to "beat up smokers" has been removed from the test.
"The students that have taken the quiz already were given points [for
the correct answer]. We've notified all students involved this
question was not written correctly and not scored correctly."
Trent said the school district was still looking into how the
question got on the test in the first place.
He said a teacher likely keyed in answer incorrectly on a computer.
Trent said the question has been taken off the test.
James Mansfield said his soon to be freshmen son at Hidden Valley
High School pointed out the question Thursday night.
A smoker himself, Mansfield called it "shocking," but accepted the
school district's explanation it was a simple mistake.
"It goes back to the question, [should the test] have been reviewed
to make sure the kids are being taught the right thing?" Mansfield

Question 12

The right to express your preference that people not smoke around
you, the right to demand a non-smoking seat at a restaurant, the
right to expect smokers to properly dispose of tobacco trash (butts,
juice, etc.), and the right to beat up smokers are all things the non-
smoker has a right to do in order to avoid the dangers from passive

Answer according to test: True

Sample of other questions and answers.

Question 10
The Food and Drug Administration requires the manufacturer to a
medicine to supply information about the drug's chemical composition,
intended us, effects, possible side effects, and cost.
Answer according to test: True.

Question 11
Cigarette-smoking is now considered the leading cause of avoidable
death in the United States.
Answer according to test: True.

Question 13
Alcohol should be considered a drug because it contains ethanol.
Answer according to test: True
http://www.wsls. com/sls/news/ local/article/ test_question_ on_beating_ up
_smokers_a_mistake_ says_school_ system/14316/

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