Thursday, July 24, 2008

IL courthouse looks into smoking area


>>>"Malone said the courthouse has signs posted as required by law and has also removed cigarette butt containers to the end of the sidewalk, but if the county doesn’t have a camera observing activity on the courthouse grounds, “people could easily walk up” to the doors with a cigarette."

And walking up to the door with a lit cig is supposed to be like a MFkin crime? Walking up to the door with a lit cig used to be normal years ago.

If I don't agree with a law that I feel has an effect on my life, I ignore it...period. I ain't gonna try hard to respect a smoking law even if I disagree with it.

But I'm a criminal for having a lit cig near a courthouse door outside? How the F is a "camera" gonna stop me from smoking? Did Malone think about that? Is some hole supposed to come outta the clear blue sky and hold me in cuffs til the real smoke cops come to gimme a ticket?

This Fked up world towards smoking is getting worse by the day.

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