Friday, July 25, 2008

If a friend sends cartons to a person, that shouldn't be like a crime

I think anotha reason why the states are so big in terms of cig carton being delivered to a smoker's crib from the net is cause they fear that a smoker out there is actually getting free cig cartons in the mail.

And I'm sure if the smoker's home state actually learned he/she even gets 1 free carton of cigs in the mail, then the STATE cops (if not the local cops) will come knocking on the smoker's door so he/she can try on some cuffs.

If there are any smokers that actually got jailed for getting free smokes in the mail, that's pitiful. So I guess even if a net friend sends you the free cartons, that's still the equivalent of the smoker engaging in crime by getting the free cartons? I guess it would be like a crime since the states ain't getting the smoker's money....but that's the case with MYO smokers not giving the states sheet as well.

But online friends sending cartons as gifts to their close smoking friend(s), and online smokers voluntarily sending cartons if the smoker agrees to pay for if a WI smoker agrees to deliver cartons to any IL smoker as long as the one in WI gets the "cig check/cash." Both of these are examples of smokers doing whateva the he!! it takes to get cigs without quitting and without paying 80 bucks for a carton.

It is sad that when someone especially sends cartons as a gift to someone in the mail, antis might try hard to put that into the same class as one of the smokers actually stealing cartons in stores (which is a definite crime on the latta)

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