Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great Editorial on Trib article

Here's an editorial link in relation to that same Trib article, the one which brought up the defiance of the Fked up smoking ban going on in southern IL.


Sounds like I'd be a good fit among southern IL smokers, since I agree defying a ban is the only way to come close to revoking it. The difference with down there and up here is up here, smokers are too scared to light up in a tavern. And the cops up here ain't scared to issue tickets cause law-breaking in general is common in Chicago. They know how to deal with smokers being law breakers.

In Southern IL, the authorities down thee think the smoking ban is a sick joke. And it certainly is! I wouldn't have to worry about cops snooping at me on every move I make with a cig indoors down there.

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