Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Everybody isn't gonna be using guns just for self-defense in their houses

That Court's decision said that it's legal for me to have a gun in my crib, and it's legal for me to use the gun in self-defense as long as it's within my crib.

Well, I heard Daley is gonna fight that decision. Cause now, it's legal for all Chicago residents to own a gun. And if anyone honestly thinks gun owners in this town are just gonna keep the guns in the cribs only, then those smokers need to come to Chicago as tourists.

As someone pointed out in the groups, Chicago has a lot more Blacks living in it now compared to when he used to live here decades ago. And he said he didn't feel safe in his car.

And since Chicago is mre of a Black town on the South and West sides, anyone who thinks someone with a gun is just gonna use it only when an intruder enters the crib, I can only chuckle at that.

Daley wants to fight the decision cause now more of "us" are gonna get guns and use em in the streets as part of self-defense. I can even see more hood kids getting guns and try to use the self-defense as an excuse. The decision is also bad news for anti-gun advocates who want to see Chicagoland gun shops closed down...afta all, no gun shops would mean a lot less crime on the streets. But since it's legal for me to have a gun in a crib, you can't close all of the gun shops down now!

Someone said if smokers actually used more guns, then smoking bans wouldn't last. Well, she's definitely right about that.

But if there's a smoker who's not used to being in a big city, I wouldn't recommend visiting Chicago. I ain't gonna deny there are lots of law-breaking here, including small law-breaking. Just cause the Court says it's legal to use a gun only in your own crib for self-defense, doesn't mean nobody is gonna take that gun with em in the streets.

Heck, even before the Court made that decision, it wasn't uncommon to run into someone with a gun in the Chicago streets who's not an actual criminal. That bro has a gun for one reason only if not to commit actual crimes...and that' guessed it! Self-defense from troublemakers.

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Jason T said...

You might be surprised on the type of brothas and sistas who might have a small handgun in their possession when bumping into em in the Chicago streets. Just like some are shocked a good-looking guy like me happens to be a smoker, I wouldn't rule out a good-looking sensible person having a handgun in his possession.

I mean sheet, they make guns now where it can fit right into a pants pocket.

But I guess you wouldn't know if that good person has a gun unless you stir up trouble with him. If a W person bumps into one of "us" in this town and the brotha says "I have a gun. So you betta leave me the F alone and worry about your OWN life if you hate my smoke!" I would take that threat seriously if I was you.

And if there IS a town out there where smokers actually have guns on them for self-protection outside, Chicago will be a town like that 10 years from now.

I don't mean to scare any readers. I'm telling the truth about life in Chicago. And you VERY blinded if you think law-breaking doesn't go on here....and not to mention it's real easy with getting away with small law-breaking in particular.