Thursday, July 31, 2008

Casino won't mind smoking ban as long as they exempted

Here's a page of interest for Indiana smokers. This Blue Chip casino business wouldn't mind a local ban for Michigan City as long as the ban is not imposed on them.


I bet this quote is bs. A nonsmoking worker can't get LC from SHS.

>>>Three weeks later, she was shocked to learn there were nodules on her lungs. They were too small to biopsy. But, she plans to go back to her doctor in the fall to find out if the nodules are large enough to test for cancer. "There are no safe levels of secondhand smoke'' she said.

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

Wow, that'll be a darn shame if Michigan City does pass a city smoking ban. Though I will admit I have heard rumors that someone on the Michigan City Council wanted to propose a citywide smoking ban. I was thinking about making a personal trip there myself via the South Shore Line.

Maybe I need to make a trip there sooner, rather than later, in the worst-case scenario that this passes.....