Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Antis want tobacco sales in pharmacies banned

Selling cigs in drug stores are all about freedom of choice. I know if antis want cigs banned in drug stores, me might look into banning their beer cans and bottles from that same store.

Nah. At least I respect their choice to get drunk.


(Copy of my post on this topic, from the groups)

How you like the idea of antis trying to ban tobacco sales in pharmacy stores? Un-Fkinbelievable! If a store promotes health care, than it's wrong for that store to sell cigs???

Based on that mindset, how come drug stores sell alcohol, you a-holes for antis? Alcohol is not good for you, and drug stores shouldn't sell those cans and bottles. It's all about the freedom of choice, d@##it! Maybe THAT'S why those stores still sell cigs and bottles of wine!

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