Friday, July 18, 2008

Anotha nonsmoker dies from lung cancer

e just heard during tonite's Cub game about this Cub fan who died this week at 23. He was the fan that sung the Ball Game song at Wrigley in September of last year.

A 23 year-old guy who neva smoked, still died from lung cancer. While my lover (who's at the same age) is still alive and she's smoking menthols like it's perfectly normal. And the best part is there are no immediate risks to her health.

Antis say smokers get lung cancer. But they can't explain how a nonsmoking person can get and die from LC at only 23, while a sista I know at that same age has been smoking for 8 years so far and her health is perfectly fine. Based on their illogic of smoking causing "us" to die sooner, it's a wonder why she neva got LC at say 18.....please!

I guess the reason why she neva got LC unlike that nonsmoking W-boy is cause her decision to start smoking as a teen prevented her from getting LC. Maybe that Cub fan who died at her age would've lived longa if he smoked.

Or maybe his family has a deep history of LC-related deaths...anotha valid reason why that 23 year-old nonsmoker died before my gf.

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