Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Would an ejection threat work in preventing you from not smoking?

I see the Cubs updated their "No Smoking" restrooms signs with "Smoking patrons are subject to ejection."

OOOO! I'll get thrown out if I am caught smoking in a restoom! Since I'm sure I count as a "non-patron. " I'm scared....NOT!

That new sign doesn't scare me at all cause where are the hidden CC cams at? There's no security in the men's restroom I enter. So if a dude is smoking in a crowded men's restroom, who's gonna see him and threaten to throw him out of the ballpark? Nobody is hardly gonna see sheet anyway when I smoke in there within the first hour gates are open....the quietest time of a work day in a restroom.

If a Cub fan ever gets thrown out for smoking, I sincerely hope that "boy" looks into taking legal action. Cause the way I see it, the man can argue that the ballpark is an outdoor ballpark, so he technically wasn't breaking the IL state ban.

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