Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WHO can't blame tobacco usage for deaths in poor nations

African kids dying from starvation in those sub-Saharan countries is one of the top reasons why people in poor nations die so soon. I'm sure STD's/HIV is anotha reason why folks in poor nations don't live long. I rememba hearing before on how those Africans in poor countries pick up the disease (from doing you-know-what) , and a lot of those Africans still die from the disease.

Tobacco use is responsible for most deaths in poor nations? Hardly! Simply living life as an African, which doesn't last long without food especially, is what shortens those lives.

Maybe if those bros and sistas for kids got fed every day, they might actually engage in tobacco use then. I know if I was starving to he11, I'd be more interested in FOOD. Not tobacco,

Ok, I just confessed tobacco can't nourish your bodies. But I'll put it like this. If you feed more of us in those poor countries food 365 days per year, then those kids would grow up to actually enjoy smoking then...and that would be a nice boost for African adult smokers as a group.

Maybe any org that claims tobacco usage shortens lives in poor nations....that org rep oughta visit one of those poor nations. And please tell me if you saw more of us starving to death, or more of us smoking tobacco.

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