Sunday, June 29, 2008

Which person are YOU?

A smoker is someone who smokes tobacco. A smoker could also be someone who smokes weed. But this blog is related with smoking legal sh!t.

A nonsmoker is a person who doesn't smoke and actually respects being around smokers.

An antismoker is a fascist who hates people who smoke tobacco. An anti smoker is someone who wants a smoke-free USA as well as a smoke-free planet Earth. But a smoke-free planet Earth will neva happen. They use lies and fake stats in order to support their arguments on SHS being deadly.

A brainswashed smoker is similar to an antismoker. This type of smoker believes every single word that comes out of the antis' mouths. This smoker feels bad smoking a legal product, and even regrets starting when he/she is a lot more older.

A smoking activist is someone who defends the right to smoke a legal product publicly, as well as defend the owners' right to make their own decisions in allowing smoking in their establishments. Smoking activists ain't limited to smokers with common sense. They include nonsmokers. Because not all nonsmokers (and ex-smokers too) in this world hate smokers. And not all nonsmokers agree with the antismokers' lies. A smoking activist also wouldn't mind the idea of fighting with an anti in a literal sense.

Which person are YOU?

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