Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This is a dumb idea when it comes to banning items!

Based on how many deaths have occurred in cribs over the past several years thanks to kids playing with loose guns in cribs, I always wonder why this illogic on banning novelty lightas has neva been applied to banning guns in states. Whateva happened to banning guns in order to prevent kids from causing crib deaths that are more like accidents?

The tragic event in this article was caused by an irresponsible parent. Not by a kid playing with a novelty lighta. She's just about as irresponsible as a parent who keeps loose guns in a crib.

http://tinyurl. com/3j6466

Oregon lawmakers asked to ban novelty lighters
6/18/2008, 3:32 p.m. PDTThe Associated Press

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon state officials and firefighters have asked state legislators to ban the sale of novelty cigarette lighters that they say children can mistake for playthings.

Tim Birr, a retired firefighter and chief, told legislators that in 2000 when he was with the Tualatin Valley Fire District, firefighters pulled two boys, ages 2 and 6, from a burning house, but the older child died. The boys' mother had left the home for a quick errand and left on a front-room table a cigarette lighter, that was "designed to look like a dolphin, a lighter the younger boy appeared to have a fascination with."

Judy Okulitch, coordinator of the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program in the state fire marshal's office, said she is working on legislation to ban the sale of such lighters.

At a hearing Tuesday, she showed the House Committee on Consumer Protection pairs of colorful items: Toy ducks, yellow bulldozers, miniature bears.

In every case, the two items were virtually identical.

"The only difference," she said, pointing to one of two green tractors, is "the one on the left has an ignition and shoots a flame."

One lighter was of Sparky, the Dalmatian fire dog. Pressing on his red fire helmet triggers a flame from his mouth.

Lobbyists for grocery stores and retail chains sat in on the hearing but did not testify. Afterward, they said their clients don't sell such novelty lighters and most likely would not object to a ban.

Okulitch said she has found such items in Oregon convenience and liquor stores.

Rep. Paul Holvey, a Eugene Democrat and the committee's chairman, said he expects the bill to be well received.

"These toy lighters are pretty cool and if I were a kid, I'd probably want to play with them," he said.


dumpstermcnuggets said...

Jay, you know if any states been dumb enough to pass such a ban on novelty lighters yet? I thought an IL legislator tried to introduce such a ban either this year or last year, but that if I remember correctly, the bill didn't pass.

Jason T said...

Hey Allan,

As far as I know, no state has an actual law in place where novelty lightas are banned. And if that proposal in Orgeon passes, I guess they would be the first state to pass a dumb@$$ law like that.