Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OBama is in, and will be the next president to me

Me just heard off of the net headlines that it will be OBama that clinched the Democratic nomination. While this may not be a small victory for smokers, it is a small victory for "us" and a part of "our" history.

I did read Clinton is willing to run as Obama's VP. Well, in the case of USA smokers, if he wins in November, that will certainly clinch a nationwide smoking ban over the next 4 years.

I dunno McCain's smoking views, so I can't really comment on that "boy."

If thangs go well over the next month with my new friend, I might end up shaking hands with Obama since he's a scheduled guest speaker at one of her business' July events. I will admit, as a smoker, I wouldn't enjoy shaking hands with him. But it would still be a lil bit cool to meet a brotha with celeb status.

Yeah, I understand this news is big news for all Americans and not just "us." It's just sad, outta respect for smokers, that I'm not in Obama's shoes cause I'd make a statement if I was the first Black president. And I'd use my love for smoking to make that "statement" towards making all smoking bans illegal.

I'd also send the indirect reminder to America that "we" smoke too, and I ain't the only "one of us" who believes in preserving American freedoms. Nobody is living freely in America if the govt dictates ALL Americans' lives. I'd change that as well. And I'd make sure "we" live more freely in LEGAL fashion too. I assume people in here know what I mean by living freely legally. More folks need to live freely by living as good Americans instead, in otha words.

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