Monday, June 30, 2008

Most of the people who vote YES for smoking bans are nonsmokers who don't care

I bet more people would care if Big Daddy tried banning somethang they enjoy. I'm sure most of those people who voted YES for a smoking ban in any state weren't smokers to begin with. They were basically eitha antis or nonsmokers who don't know the truth behind smoking bans.

Actually, I could see a smoker trying to quit smoking as being a voter in favor of a smoking ban. I dunno how banning smoking is gonna help anyone quit, since you'll still see people smoking outdoors. But most of those folks who vote in favor of a smoking ban could give a flying sheet about what I and otha smokers want. They only care about THEIR needs. Not anyone else's needs. As long as they feel safe in the public, why would they care about innocent people smoking in the rain, snow, heat, or wintry cold weather? And they certainly don't give a darn about how much money the owners lose as a result of smoking bans.

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