Monday, June 2, 2008

It's beach season again

OOOOO! It's beach season again! And the first season of smoke-free beaches in Chicago.

I'll be looking forward to getting alerts on articles dealing with people still lighting up on the beach. Cause I know it's gonna happen.

I can't imagine a beach having smoke cops 24/7. Afta I heard about the Nigerian smokers living a lot more freely than those of "us" living in the USA (afta I talked to someone new in my life over last weekend), I can only imagine how hectic it would be to stop bros/sistas from Nigeria from "breaking the no smoking rule" at a beach near me. That African govt allows people to live more freely, so they wouldn't be used to somethang as stupid as not smoking outside period.

Maybe the city might make $$$ from a lot of violations on the beach via those tickets issued to smokers.

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