Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello Johnny Boy

I see that you finally had the courage to do the right thang for a change and post on here instead. And since I'll respect your OWN freedom of speech, I'll leave that one post alone. I don't need to read it, because the last thang I need is drama from a man who will neva meet me face-to-face.

I know future posts from yourself won't appear on here. Because you don't have to prove to me you're a brainwashed Kool smoker. I guess the only reason why you keep on smoking is because you're (as several say) "I'm hooked, and I can't stop?" I don't know how otha ex-smokers are able to quit smoking if that was the case.

Of all of the thangs I remember about you over the years, I forgot about that flame board you created a few years ago entitled "Fun with Jay." Where it was primarily used to make fun of me as a person. Of course, if that board was on Boardhost, I would've reported it to them immediately since unlike that Asiaco support, Boardhost support actually responds to people who report forums that violate their TOS. It's against their TOS to have a forum that's meant to solely attack anyone. I reported one smoking forum back then that had racial remarks from Cajun, and I had to report that. Because if the moderator is gonna be inactive, I'll take matters into my own hands.

My time is betta spent focusing on fighting for the freedom to smoke instead of dealing with a pervert like yourself. And I know one thang for sure. If I'm not welcome on your end of the net, then you're not welcome on MY end of the net. I don't care if you actually said "I'm sorry." Cause an apology means nothing from you. You said that years ago. But yet, you STILL keep copying posts on other forums without my permission. When I tell someone "I'm sorry," I mean it, and I grow up. If you actually meant that apology from a few years ago, I hope you show you meant it one of these days.

And for someone who actually advised me to ignore somethang I don't like reading years ago, you oughta follow your own advice.

I hope you'll still be living when I'm 60. Since you're a lot more older than me, and I want you to see for yourself you can smoke for more than 40 years and still live. Heck, my own mother isn't even dead yet despite being a smoker for almost 48 straight years. That should show to anyone with at least a HS diploma that just because you smoke doesn't mean you'll have a short life.


Jason T said...

I'm surprised it took me a year to do this. Since that dude from WI is the closest antismoker on this blog. But comments are now moderated on here. Because antismokers were neva welcome on here to begin with. They have their own space, and I respect their space by not visiting antismoking forums. They're not gonna disrespect MY space.

Jason T said...

BTW, calling someone nuts is no different as calling someone idiotic. If you're nuts, then you ARE an idiot. You can't be nuts and Albert Einstein at the same time.