Monday, June 23, 2008

Congress wants to ban menthol cigarettes

This is a topic I briefly mentioned last weekend, and I found an actual page with a copy of the same email I received from Newport.

Even if you don't like smoking menthols, I'm cool with that. But this talk about banning menthols is no different from smoking ban proposals. Banning menthols, and especially banning the #1 brand for Blacks who choose to smoke is a violation of my freedom of choice.

If you a smoker who at least believes in freedom of choice, I'd suggest (aside from please continue to read this post) contacting your members of Congress too and tell them to say NO to banning menthols.

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Congress wants to make it illegal to smoke Newports and other menthol cigarettes.

Call your Member of Congress now and tell them to oppose any amendment to ban Menthol cigarettes. Tell them to say “NO!”

Congress could likely vote on such a ban early next week.

Find your Member of Congress by clicking here.

This time Congress has gone too far.
Your action will make a difference.

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Jason T said...

This idea of banning menthols is a clever way of telling Afro-American smokers "If you want to smoke in this country, you ain't welcome to smoke menthols anymore." I beg your Fking pardon? I thought I'm an American like the W's who live in this country too!

That's an indirect way of telling a group of smokers in this country that we ain't welcome to actually live as Americans if those Big Daddy MFkas are gonna try to dictate what we CAN smoke. I'm sure Congress knows we represent the majority of menthol smokers, and they trying to force us to quit smoking by banning menthols.... at least they're bringing up the idea of banning menthols!

I can see brainwashed brothas and sistas quitting if menthols get banned. Cause even I know most of us ain't gonna smoke regs for good...and I won't myself! At least not premade regs.

But I know if this ban idea doesn't apply to LOOSE menthol tobacco, I WILL make my own menthols if I have to. Sheet, I'll make my own regs and get into the habit of smoking em with a menthol ban. THIS brotha has no intentions on quitting. This is MY life!

(For those who ain't used to reading my posts, I apologize for the small profanity. But at least I'm honest in my thoughts.)