Sunday, June 15, 2008

BBWI petition

Here's an online petition I found from BBWI. I don't believe Ryan ever posted this link. I signed it.


And I don't care if the comments I left in the petition are offensive to some. I believe I'm telling the truth about living in the USA. But of course, the world I live in is a lot different from the community most smoking activists live in. But at least most of the smoking activists would agree WI smokers/WI owners don't deserve to receive nanny treatment. Having a govt control everyone's lives defeats the purpose of calling this USA the land of the free.


Unknown said...


Thanks so much for linking to us on your blog. It's a 'shot in the arm' to get support, because at times this seems like a truly thankless mission. People like you remind us why we fight.

Thank you for standing up for freedom, and for choosing to live free.


Jason T said...

Hey Ryan,

I don't mind giving support to someone who at least believes in preserving freedoms. I can be a nice person to those who deserve it. And the only people who deserve to be treated nicely by me, otha than fellow people within my heritage, are smokers and nonsmokers who haven't taken a sip of antismoking poisonanda.

dumpstermcnuggets said...

I wanna thank Ryan and Joey for doing a great job with their BtBWI organization! I will double-check when I later have the time to see if I did sign that online petition(I think I did), but will sign it if I find I didn't sign it earlier.