Monday, June 16, 2008

24 states will have smoking bans as of 1/1/2009

According to my understanding, Iowa's smoking ban starts July 1. Which means going to Iowa won't be an option for gambling if you're an IL smoker.

I heard from a smoking chick online recently that Oregon will be joining the Smoke-Free club on 1/1/2009, IL's first anniversary of having a statewide smoking ban.

So if my calculations are correct, that means 24 states will have statewide smoking bans as of the start of 2009.

It's pitiful that a year from now, nearly half of this country will be under the statewide smoking bans. At least Wyoming and WI are two states that threw the idea into the trash. But I'm sure the smoking ban talk will resume in both states when 2009 comes.


dumpstermcnuggets said...

Virginia, Kansas, Alabama, and South Dakota also didn't pass smoking bans, and/or local control bills allowing local municipalities to pass city/town smoking bans. Pennsylvania(so thankfully(!), due to how many states have pass comprehensive, no-exceptions bans) recently passed a moderate smoking ban that still permits smoking in bars that get 80% or greater sales from alcohol, and in 50% of casino floors.

And just so you also know, the Alabama smoking ban bill got dangerously close to passing(as if I remember correctly, it passed the Alabama Senate, but not the Alabama House), that I suspect it'll probably pass next year. Kansas seems to be somewhat close(though not exactly close yet) to passing a state ban, tho I suspect they may within 1-2 years from doing so.

As for the local control bill that was proposed(instead of a smoking ban), it was in South Dakota, which failed to pass. SD has had a workplace smoking ban that only exempts any businesses that serve alcohol(including bars, and any restaurants that choose to serve it), and gaming facilities for about 6 years. I suspect SD antis will try for a comprehensive ban there next year, as a ban that would've only exempted casinos was proposed in 2007, and passed the SD Senate on a tie-breaking vote by their lieutenant governor(but a SD House Committee later almost immediately voted down the ban).

dumpstermcnuggets said...
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dumpstermcnuggets said...

Forgot to say about Iowa, that Iowa's ban does exempt casinos. It still does ban smoking in all other places, including (ugh!) age-restricted places that aren't casinos(inital typo corrected), and both all outdoor areas of college campuses and during regular outdoor festivals(I think this is the FIRST state smoking ban in this country that prohibits smoking in those latter 2 areas!). Not even Illinois, Minnesota's, or Ohio's bans go that far in regulating outdoor smoking, that's for sure.