Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WI owner goes smoke-free. Enjoy your decision til your town is smoke-free

What's wrong with these quotes from this cited article?


"While Hotson said he has lost some regular customers, he thinks he’ll see a net gain in business from the decision."

"He’s had only had one complaint since Friday, he said, and the compliments on going smoke free have come even from smokers."

I'll tell you what's wrong with both quotes. Of course the owner is gonna see a net gain cause he's the only smoke-free bar in that WI town. But if the whole city went smoke-free, then he will have competition. And nonsmokers will have more options for smoke-free taverns.

But it ain't like nonsmokers visit smoke-free taverns every day anyway.

On the otha quote, smokers applauding an owner for his smoke-free decision? Wha the he!!? The only thang I'm giving him props for is going smoke-free voluntarily. But don't be fooled by any net gains the owner gets from his decision. If even the local WI town ever goes-smoke free, let alone WI itself, that owner can kiss those net gains buh-bye.

I agree with the article part that says serious smokers are REG drinkers. ("Heavy" drinkers implies that any smoker who drinks tends to get drunk a lot which is a lie) I said before they represent the heart and soul of the hospitality industry.

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