Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why govt wants to ban all cig flavas cept menthol

I was reading somethang on Limbauugh's site, and he wanted to know why menthol cigs get a free pass on govt wanting any otha cig flavor banned. Including cloves.

Well, I dpn't need to read a page to find the answer.

Big Tobacco would lose 75% of brothas and sistas who are menthol smokers. Govt doesn't wanna ban a flavored cig when 3/4 of a minority group's smokers enjoy the mint cigs. Sheet, there's a reason why back in the 70's I read about Newport vans going up and down in cities with hoods and passing out free packs to all of us in the hoods. They even gave out free packs to Black lil kids! Cause Lorillard wanted to attract smoking to our audience, and they were competing with the Kool brand.

I don't believe that BS on me having a higha rate of getting cancer just cause I smoke menthols.If antis and Limbaugh wanna scare me as a menthol smoker, they gonna have to do betta than that! Does a Black NON-smoker have this "higha rate of cancer" too? I highly doubt it.

Wheneva someone wants to talk about Black smoking in a bad light, I'm surprised no anti is making a claim like "If Blacks smoke, especially Black kids, that means they're evil people who live in their hoods."

I wouldn't say every single person in a hood actually smokes menthols or Js for that matta. But I definitely see a connection between a law-breaking bro/sis and menthol smoking. Almost every person in the area who even shares my thoughts on certain society topics loves his/her Newports too.

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